DAYTONA Digital Speedo, black case, with holder

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DAYTONA Digital speedo

black housing
round diameter 60 mm,
white backlight, with pilot lights (ignition, neutral, high beam, turn signal)
digital field is centered with white LED illumination.

functions: Speed, voltage display, odometer, trip meter and clock.

The digital signal for the speedometer is used by the original speedometer.
So it only works if the original was already equipped with a digitacho!
The speedometer can convert the signal from almost all common motorcycles.
If the motorbike does not provide a digital signal (older models), the universal sensor 361-555 can be ordered optionally.
This active sensor allows a decrease in speed.

ECE-R10 tested

red=switched plus, yellow=continuous plus, black=ground

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Manufacturer Daytona

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